During my teenage years when I started developing my own worldview, I started seeing a lot of broken links in society and the economic system. I started questioning things such as - Why do people consume so much? Why are products so badly designed? Why does everything have to look a certain way? Why is education a privilege and not a right? And for a long time I felt that technological advancement was the answer. I felt that we could somehow redesign the system on a structural level using technology, everything would be alright. 
But it wasn't until I stumbled upon the principles of Human-Centered Design that I discovered a different, more elegant framework that could fix some of the broken links. Ever since that moment, I haven't looked back. I spent years understanding the various methodologies and mindsets that HCD embraces, and applied them in multiple contexts, to help a global automotive giant develop a new cross-platform product capability, enable a global IT giant to develop a disruptive fintech service that has more than 15 Million users through mixed-methods UX research, develop a new digital service and business model for a global client in the agriculture space which has the potential to capture a major share in a $1600 Billion market, build a startup in the art supplies space and more.
My mission in life is not just to utilize the principles of Human-Centered Design to create business and consumer value, but also to expand the scope of what Human-Centered Design means for a rapidly changing world, apply it to create ethical and sustainable design practices, and empower others around me to practice it in their own professional spheres, whether it be lawyers, doctors, engineers, educators or artists.

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